Cryptme is the only solution available on the market whose main function is to provide a discreet voice connection which can be neither eavesdropped nor recorded in a digital or an analogue way.

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How Cryptme works

In order to provide secure voice communication, Cryptme requires two devices: an access terminal and a phone terminal.

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Who Cryptme is dedicated to

Secure communication is particularly important to people whose job requires confidentiality.

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Technical details

The solution uses VoIP connection transmitted over an encrypted internet channel by means of specialized devices.

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Q&A Frequently Asked Questions.

Cryptme applies commonly available open-source based solutions installed on millions of devices. Thanks to it, the solutions have been tested by a number of developers, security experts and users. The unique character of Cryptme is all about a suitable combination of applied components creating an exceptional architecture which is physically impossible to be hacked. In order to work, the system requires a provider that enables a secure exchange of encryption keys and an effective addressing of communication between the devices. On the market there are neither suitable software and hardware solutions nor any interested providers rendering their services by means of such devices. Such a service would also need to be rendered by the producer of such devices and then, if the service became more popular, as it was the case with mobile network, it would need to be legally regulated by the state, which would make the services pointless.

Both costs and technical requirements are typical obstacles to hack the securities commonly used on telecommunication market. Secret service that has the resources to put surveillance on an individual in their daily environment could opt for another, cheaper way to get access to desired data than by capturing voice communication from a properly secured device. A potential cost of hacking the securities used by Cryptme makes it too expensive compared to other, much more cost-effective methods.

If that was the case, the users of Cryptme would be pretty quickly eavesdropped on by the secret service and their information would be intercepted and used in inappropriate way. If that was the case, the system would not be trusted anymore and would have been eliminated from the market.

The system provider does not have any possibility to eavesdrop on a conversation since the provider does not have any way to intercept and decipher any conversation.

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