Technical information

Cryptme applies components that have existed on the market for a few years now with a well-proven track record and which have been tested by internet users a number of times. Additionally, the most important principle which we based our solution on is the so-called rule of securing the protection, which means that discrediting a single component does not result in getting access to the information sent and processed. On the contrary, such an attempt is immediately detected and the service gets blocked. Thanks to such an approach it is impossible for any provider of a single module to jeopardize the security of the whole system, as it happened when one of famous server producers installed spying chips on their mainboards.

The security of every IT system cannot be based on the idea that the way it functions should be kept secret, therefore we are more than willing to provide our Clients with the detailed technical specification of Cryptme solution during dedicated technical workshops.

It is not in our interest, however, to make the specification publically available