How it works

Cryptme device

In order to provide secure voice communication, Cryptme requires two devices: an access terminal and a phone terminal.

Unique solution

The Internet network is used as a channel to transmit encrypted voice data from a sender to a recipient. As opposed to other similar devices, our solution prevents the people who have access to advanced architecture to break into a phone and capture the data before it gets encrypted. Thanks to its unique architecture designed to guarantee the highest security level, Cryptme prevents all ways of intercepting conversations.

Common threats

Cryptme, as opposed to a traditional mobile network, makes it totally impossible to eavesdrop on and intercept communication. There are a few ways to eavesdrop on a conversation between two people using a mobile network, e.g.:

– to install a fake Base Transceiver Station, thanks to which the whole communication can be intercepted (it requires equipment worth more than ten thousand zlotys and being within a few hundred meters away from a victim) since the attacker controls the device used to configure the connection and can control the victim’s phone

– access to operator’s telephone exchange, thanks to which even the people who illegally use official and legal public infrastructure designed for fighting criminal activity can illegally and without any supervision eavesdrop on the users

– installing a virus on victim’s phonethat makes it possible to record a conversation and send it to an attacker

Competitive solutions

As a lot of various popular online communicators have been developing rapidly, nowadays it is possible to use them to have an encrypted conversation. Online communicators that use the Internet network to send encrypted voice data contribute to higher security since even installing a fake Base Transceiver Station is not going to help to eavesdrop on people’s conversations. Unfortunately, since a phone has a SIM card, it is possible to take full control over the phone by the network provider and then to listen to the whole conversation a victim had using a microphone before the conversation gets encrypted and sent through a secure online channel (due to similar reasons it should not be allowed to use any other computer with internet connection – the attackers might remotely install a virus on it). Therefore, for the purpose of safe voice communication secured against activities taken by the people who have access to public infrastructure at the level of network provider along with Internet connection, it is necessary to provide a device that is impossible to be hacked by any third party. Cryptme is the response to this need.

Why it is not possible to eavesdrop on Cryptme

In Cryptme, there is no SIM module in the phone terminal and, that is why, it is not possible to remotely take control over it in the way described above. The phone terminal changes a conversation into an encrypted data streaming and sends it to an access terminal. To get the Internet connection, the access terminal uses regular LTE transmission and connects via regular SIM card slot. However, even if an attacker takes control over an access terminal, it is useless since the encrypted data is not possible to be decrypted and deciphered. What is more, taking control over a terminal would be immediately noticed and, as a result, the transmission would get blocked.

Cryptme is the only solution providing secure voice communication that is impossible to be eavesdrop on and recorded

People having bigger technical knowledge can make themselves familiar with the details of the solution. Those who do not have such knowledge can consult a trusted security expert, an IT systems security engineer or a telecommunication specialist.