Cryptme is the only solution available on the market whose main function is to provide a discreet voice connectionwhich can be neither intercepted (eavesdropped) nor recorded in a digital or an analogue way.

Who is Cryptme for?

Secure communication is particularly important for people whose job requires confidentiality:

The guarantee of confidentiality is invaluable for people who:

Cryptme solution is going to be particularly appreciated by the people who have already tried to get access to secure communication services on their own or through specialized companies dealing with the issue of security of information and confidentiality of communication.


The connection is established after dialling the number on the phone terminal, as it is the case while using a regular mobile phone. 

To make the system work, it is necessary to switch on an additional access terminal (a device of a size of two packets of cigarettes) that should be located within the reach of a mobile network with internet connection.

To have a conversation using Cryptme it is necessary for both users to have the same set of devices (an access terminal and a phone terminal). A Cryptme user can have a conversation only with another user in a defined subnet, e.g. with another employee of a company who also uses Cryptme.

Characteristic features of Cryptme are as follows:


The Cryptme users get the following benefits: